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Introduction to Components of PC

As a Desktop Support Engineer, one of the most important tasks that you must perform is assembling a PC.

    For Assembling a PC, it is necessary to know the

  1. Components required to assemble a PC
  2. Tools required to assemble a PC
  3. Safety measures required during PC assembly

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Components, Tools and Safety Measures

In this module, you will learn about:

1.Components required to assemble a PC

2.Tools required to assemble a PC

3.Safety measures required during PC assembly

Buying vs. building a computer

    When you buy a PC, it can be from a reputed brand such as Dell, HP, Asus or Lenovo. Whereas, if you build the PC, you can make it with your own choice of parts, from scratch.

Factors to consider when building or buying a PC:-

    If you decide to build or buy your PC, consider the following factors:-



   Be careful and realistic to keep the budget in check.

   Do your research on the brands using online forums, reviews in magazines and so on to get the best deal.

Factors to consider when building or buying a PC:-



   Consider the track record of the brand's performance.


     Collect opinions from different sources as you may not be able

      to verify the genuineness of the views expressed.


      Compare the different brands for features, cost, support and


Brand Warranty and Support:-

->A product with the right features and of good quality may still be unfit if the support for the component is minimal and inaccessible.

->Check to determine whether software drivers are easily downloadable and whether the

     BIOS((basic input/output system) support is available.

->Don't throw away anything, you may want to replace the component-check if there is limited support available to enable such replacements.

Value for Money:-

    Ask yourself whether the features and the performance of the product in combination with other components meet the end goal for the PC. Don't get swayed by advertisements and marketing tricks


    Review the main specifications of the components and perform your comparison between the brands.



         Always go one step above the current needs, look for ways

         to add components later upgrade the system easily in future.


Software for the PC:-

        Be careful when picking components if you plan to use Open

        Source software most Open Source software do not support   

        all hardware components If building a server PC,

        many hardware manufacturers do not provide

        Windows Server support.