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What is a Program:-

 A Program is a set of Statements/Instructions given to the computer to perform a Particulate/Specific task.

 Such Programs or Collection of Programs make a software.

But there is one problem

The Instructions that you give to the computer should be given in a language  that computer Understands.

 Computer knows only one language known as Machine Language.


Machine Language is a language which is directly understood by the computer, because  it is written in Binary (0 & 1), and our computer understand 0 & 1 only.

Ex-     a- 1010


  It is very difficult to learn and write each & every thing in the 0 & 1. It is a boring job.

languages are categorized in two categories:

  1.  Low Level languages
  2.  High Level languages


Low Level languages are those languages which having dependency on the hardware.

These languages are closer to the Machine & difficult to use.

Ex- Machine Language


High Level languages are those languages which are closer to the programmer & easier to use.

These Languages are the English Like Languages.

Java is one of the High Level Language.


For Better Understanding Watch This Video :-