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Introduction To PHP

  • PHP is a server side scripting language.
  • It means it gets Executed at the server
  •  side.
  • PHP was originally created by
  • rasmus lerdorf in 1995.
  • It(PHP) instruct to the server engine
  • PHP Engine) to perform some task ,according to scripting Tag.
  • It stands for Personal Home Page.
  • It can be Embeded with HTML Tag.


PHP can perform following task on the server:-


      1) It can read,write and manipualte web page content.

      2) It can handle file at the Server side

      3) We can use My Sql Server as a database support.



Note:- Php 6.x was never released

Php Page Life Cycle

Advantage Of PHP:-


1) It is Free and Open source.

2) Cross Platform and Cross Browser(Portability).


3)No Compilation.

How Does PHP Work

PHP Syntax

Important facts about php prg:-


1)PHP code always written within


       PHP code goes here


2)You have to save your prg in the specific folder

    c:\wamp\www     (in the case of WAMP)

    c:\Xampp\htdocs ( in the case of xampp)

echo-print commands



1.Single Line Comment     //


2.Multi Line Comment    /*                */