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What is J2EE/JEE

J2ee is used for building e-commerce and web based enterprise application.

An enterprise means a business organisation  and Enterprise Applications are those s/w application that facilitate various activities in an Enterprise and then enterprise manage its business activities via  internet.

J2ee Technologies/JEE Technologies:-

J2ee Provides  collection of technologies for building large distributed enterprise application.

1. Component Technologies

2. Service Technologies

3. Communication Technologies


1. Component Technologies:-

    1.1 Web Component

        1.1.1 Servlet

        1.1.2 Java Server Pages

     1.2 EJB Component (Business Component)

 2. Service Technologies:-

        J2ee Services components are managed by the container themselves.

         2.1 JDBC

         2.2 Java Transaction API and services

         2.3 Java Naming and Directory Interface(JNDI)

         2.4 Java Messaging Services(JMS)

         2.5 Java Mail API.

         2.6 JAAS(Java Authentication and authorization Services)

3 Communication Technologies:-

          This Provides J2ee Application to Communicate with other distributed application.

           3.1 Internet Protocol 


          3.2 Remote Object Protocol

                RMI,IIOP(Internet inter orb(Object Request Broker) protocol)

Important Facts about WebPage:-

Question1- What is static web page?
Answer- A web page that contains static contents and it is common to All.
Question2- What is dynamic web page?
  Answer- A web page generated by the server according to clients requests.
Question3- Why build web page dynamically?
Answer- There are following reason to build web page dynamically

1- The Web page is based on data sent by the client.
    Example: Display current User name on the website

 2- The Web page is derived from data that changes frequently.
        2.1- Current date and time on the website

        2.2- News Headlines on news website

        2.3-Weather report on the website

    3- The Web page uses information from corporate databases.

   Example: Search engine etc.

What are Web Applications?

•A web site where the HTML pages are generated dynamically.

• Based on the user’s actions

What are JSPs and Servlets?

       Java code that runs on the web server

  •  Reads user’s actions … normally from HTML Form
  •  Performs the work
  •  Returns an HTML page that is generated dynamically

What are Web Applications?

Server Side Programing:-


What Types of Web Apps can you create?

  • Any industry …
  • E-commerce
  • Student / Employee Tracking
  • Restaurant / Hotel Reservations
  • Social Media
  • Any type of app … no limits … be creative :-)


JSPs and Servlets are key components of the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE)

 Popular MVC frameworks are actually built on top of JSP and Servlets

  •  Spring
  •  JSF
  • Struts